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Beauty for the whole wide world


I haven’t read many children’s poems lately. It’s true I perform in the Vitez Festivals for children, but new children’s poems just aren’t so easy to come by.

I got Gordana Laković’s manuscript, I read it and... was completely lost for words. Such was their effect on me. Like I said, I didn’t have much of that kind of poetry to read recently, but this one was something special. I had myself written and composed music for children’s poetry. I can say with great assurance that children who read this poetry will truly connect with its characters.

When a beautiful woman sings of beautiful things, she beautifies the world. In her poetry I find strong and harmonious pictures that will really sit well with the kids. It will, I’m convinced, make their childhood beautiful.

When our great children’s poets started leaving us in previous years... The passing of Raša Popov and Dobrica Erić made me think – will there be anyone left to write new poems for our children? But when I read Gordana’s poems, I can say with some assurance that she is very much fit to continue where Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Miroslav Antić, Duško Radović, Duško Trifunović and Dragan Lukić left off.

Canada doesn’t seem that far anymore, thanks to Gordana’s poems. It is written for our children on both ends of the ocean, and for all the children in the world.

Bora (Čorba) Đorđević
Singer, songwriter, poet
Frontman of the Rock Band „Riblja Čorba”

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